The Protomen!

Went to a Protomen concert last night. If you’re not familiar, they’re a metal band who have a rock opera based on Mega Man (here’s my favorite track from that), and also the only people allowed to cover Queen as far as I’m concerned. They’re pretty good in studio, and straight-up amazing live.

It was a seriously good time, and if you somehow haven’t heard of them before, I strongly recommend checking them out.

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  1. No, they confirmed they haven't finished anything from it yet, but they did play “Built to Last” from the upcoming Megaman 25th anniversary album.

  2. I saw them at pax 3 years ago where they swore to a group of us in a Mexican eatery that they had a draft for Act 3 complete. Of course, it does have yet to materialize. They are my favourite band of all time, and do the best live show I've ever seen…but their output does not come at a consistent rate.

  3. I endorse this opinion. Otakon 2011 Friday was a bust… but then while at the con, we found out Protomen was headlining a game music festival right down the road. Pretty much made the trip to Baltimore worth it.

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