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So, I checked my book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Amazon has one review, and it’s pretty scathing (though not unfairly so) and as for the Barnes and Noble reviews, most seem to have little to do with the actual book. So, if you’ve got the book, and read it, and feel like giving a hand, this is me formally requesting for you to please write a review for one or both sites.




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  1. Gee, you weren't kidding about those Barnes & Noble reviews. Makes me wonder now if there are just hordes of MLP fans aimlessly shambling through their archives, looking for a book whose discussion section they can call home.

    As for that Amazon review, good on you taking the criticism in stride. I've gotta give the reviewer credit – they make a pretty well-reasoned argument for the shortcomings of the book. How much of that are you taking to heart? Not that I'm trying to slight the blog, but there's always room for improvement; I'd be interested to know which bits stood out for you.

  2. And as for that one Barnes & Noble commenter who traded actual recognition of your book for a recommendation of their fanfic – any interest in taking them up on that? 😉

  3. Given that they didn't tell me where the fanfic is, no, none whatsoever. Even if they had told me, eh, I find that kind of quid pro quo inherently skeevy.

  4. I think the majority of the objections arise from the review just plain not getting what I was trying to do, so clearly I need to think about how to better convey actually what this project is about. That's the main takeaway, really.

  5. Well, I did my bit on Amazon. It was… longer than I thought, but I wanted to justify the rating without turning it into a one-bit puff piece.

    Not sure I want to touch the B&N comment thread…

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