Add a Word, Ruin a Movie

Stayed up WAY too late on Twitter last night playing “Add a Word, Ruin a Movie,” where you, um, add a word to a movie title to imply a new, much worse movie. My favorites to come out of last night:

The Girl with the Temporary Dragon Tattoo
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Malfunction
Batman Forever Stamps
The Cabin in the Hundred-Acre Woods (one of mine, albeit slightly cheatery)
Equestria Mean Girls
Romy and Michele Bachmann’s High School Reunion  

How about you folks? Got any of your own?

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  1. Oh, this is fun. How are these?

    History Primer
    Broken Jaws
    The Fairy Godfather
    Pulp Non-Fiction (sorta cheating)
    Digital Pirates of the Carribean
    Minority Demographic Report
    The Dark Knight Never Rises
    The Other Room
    Monsters vs Illegal Aliens
    The Land Before Bed Time
    Not Wanted
    The Matrix Multiplication
    The Manhattan Island
    There Will Be No Blood

  2. FilmCritHulk had my favorite idea: “The Dark Knight Rises.”

    Here are a couple of mine:

    The Merchant Marines of Venice
    Friar Lawrence of Arabia (actually I might want to see that one)
    Blackadder Hawk Down
    The Taming of the Killer Shrew
    The Merry Wives of Windsor, California (oh wait…)
    Timon and Pumba of Athens (granted, that's two words, but one of them is “and” so it might not count)

  3. More Seriously (all from going through my DVD collection alphabetically):

    Citizen Bob Kane
    Drunken Chess Master
    The Fifth Chemical Element
    Fight Club Med
    The Graduate School
    Guys and Barbie Dolls
    Kiki's Delivery Fan Service
    Les Miserables d'Amelie
    Lilies of the Football Field
    Perfect Blues Brothers
    Up Yours

    And Ashley's contributions:
    Bye Bye Birdie Putt
    The Devil Wears Faux Prada

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