What should I be watching?

So, I’m currently stuck in a bit of a media rut, rewatching old things but not really watching anything currently airing except The Legend of Korra. Which is… okay but not great so far?

So, I’m turning to all of you. This is your chance! Recommend something! Sell me on it! What are you watching at the moment, and why do you like it? Could be Western animation, anime, live action, anything from any country as long as it’s new and it’s available in English in some form (whether because it originated in English or has subtitles).

What am I not watching that you think I should be?

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  1. RWBY. It's an American-made 3D anime about four girls who attend an academy that trains them to fight monsters. It's got interesting characters, a compelling world, incredible fight scenes, and all made on the smallest of independently financed budgets. It's also free online at the Rooster Teeth website. There's no reason NOT to watch it, honestly.

  2. “…as long as it's new…”

    Aw, and here I was going to point out that MTV's liquidtelevision.com site is streaming all the Daria episodes but for the movies.

  3. How new does it have to be? I'm currently waiting on the DVDs of the third season of Tremé (the latest show by The Wire creator David Simon), archive-binging on Breaking Bad in preparation for the finale, and so on…

    (also, to everyone everywhere, I recommend Slings and Arrows, a Canadian show about a modern-day Shakespearean theatre festival)

  4. Fixed the duplicate for you. (When you delete a post, the empty spot remains so that I can see it and have the option to undelete. Only I can perma-delete.)

    I've been meaning to watch SHIELD, actually, I should find a site that has it…

  5. The Fosters! It's way off track from what you usually enjoy, since it centers on the mostly mundane events surrounding an ordinary upper-middle class American family, but it's by far the best show of 2013. I love it in large part because in this case, “ordinary” means that the family consists of a multiracial lesbian couple, one biological son, two adopted Latino children, two foster siblings, and their relatives. Plus, the appearance of “Bad Wolf” graffiti in one episode means I can pretend its set in the Whoniverse.

    If “new” can include stuff that debuted during the first Obama campaign, I would totally recommend The Middleman, which is best described as Doctor Who if the characters were American and knew they existed in a TV show. There's an eccentric do-gooder reluctant to reveal his name (the titular Middleman); his companion, artist Wendy Watson, who serves as his apprentice/eventual replacement and is the show's protagonist (she is also Latina, which means the show did the whole “white male / woman of color partnership” deal before Elementary made it worth copying); the people who make up their world, such as Wendy's best friend Lacey; and threats such as Luchadores, Dracula's ventriloquist dummy, and cursed tubas. It's that kind of show.

  6. RWBY is a very character driven series and is not as action heavy as most people had thought. It's a slow start, and most of the episodes are less than 7 minutes in length, some even being less than 5. The reason being that they spend the extra time on a few long episodes, like episodes one and eight.

    It's not that big a commitment to watch, at 14 episodes there is less than 2 hours of material. That's like watching four 30-min shows or a pair of hour long shows. If you have a free afternoon, give it another watch. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

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