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Sorry all, still very strapped for time while I work on the book and about fifteen billion other things. Here’s another of my old favorites from the realm of AMVs. This is actually one of the first AMVs I ever saw, part of a batch a friend gave me. He used this one to attempt to persuade me to watch Kodomo no Omocha, a.k.a. Kodocha or Child’s Toy. His main point in the anime’s favor was that nothing in the video is sped up; the main character really is that absurdly energetic.

If you’ve never seen it, it’s a good show, but it just sort of stops mid-storyline in the second season. Bloody cancellations.

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  1. I'm sorry, that's incorrect. The American release stopped after season 2, but there exists a four-season, 104-episode run. I loves me some Kodocha and was terribly disappointed that only half of it was translated. At least I still have the manga. We did get all of that.

  2. Also, Kevin Caldwell always was a brilliant AMV editor, so combine that with a great show and it's pretty obvious why I've loved this one for many years.

  3. Oh, that's awesome to hear! The fansub I watched back in college also stopped at the end of Season 2, so I just assumed when I saw that was how far the American DVD release went that that was all there was!

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