Here, Have an AMV

Today I have for you a classic AMV, Tainted Doughnuts. This AMV is a good eight or ten years old (which is pretty old for an AMV!), and does an excellent job of using cuts and implications to give the impression that characters from different anime are sharing scenes together–something which today is mostly done by digitally compositing the characters into one another’s shots. Extremely popular and influential in its day, I think this has been mostly forgotten, but I like it for its story (a rare thing in an AMV) and humor. On the other hand, even I have to admit the song is INCREDIBLY obnoxious.

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  1. Oh man. My dad got us into the AMV scene back when this was still recent. I actually got my start in video editing by making AMVs in Adobe Premiere 6.0 out of our large library of anime.

    I'm gonna have to see if I can't find those old AMVs… Should be interesting to see them now.

    But yeah, this one was pretty awesome (and my dad was very picky about the quality of the AMVs he collected, in the days before YouTube). And even though the song is kinda obnoxious, I like how the AMV uses the lyrics as gibberish dialogue, to help with its internal story.

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