My Little Po-Mo is… transmuting?

It’s sort of ending, sort of becoming something new. Transmutation fits well, methinks.

Basically, my editor has been pushing me for a while to buy a domain name, specifically my name, and switch the blog over to it. This strikes me as being a good idea, so I’m going for it before the book comes out (so, within the next week or two).

I am planning to take advantage of this transition to solve another problem that’s been growing: namely, I’m getting a little burned out on My Little Pony. Specifically, working on book and blog simultaneously has proven extremely draining, especially with the (self-imposed, I know) requirement to have a Pony Thought of the Day each and every day that I don’t do a full episode analysis.

So, I’ve decided there are two things that won’t change when I move: There will still be content every day, I will still be writing about media and the arts, and there will still be an analysis of a Friendship Is Magic episode every Sunday (except for Derivative Works months and guest posts).

Instead of Pony Thoughts of the Day, however, there are going to be Thoughts of the Day. Could be about ponies, could be about other cartoons, or it could be about a show I’ve been watching or a book I read, even a game–anything that fits into the general heading of “media studies.” In addition, Wednesdays will be a bigger article about something in the world of media, though at least at first it will probably mostly be write-ups of my convention panels.

I’m trying out the new approach starting tomorrow, and as soon as the new site is ready I am changing this site to a redirect. I’ll keep you posted as we get closer.

0 thoughts on “My Little Po-Mo is… transmuting?

  1. Since you will blog about things other than Friendship Is Magic will you also be changing the name of the blog or will you keep the name as My Little Po-Mo?

  2. My editor's recommendation is that the URL be my name. I haven't decided on a name for the blog yet, but the pony posts will definitely still be filed under My Little Po-Mo.

  3. By all means, take whatever steps you need to avoid burnout. In other news, everything you suggested about the new site sounds awesome; I can't wait to see where you go with it!

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