Non-Pony Related Thought of the Day

I have a guest article up at Study of Anime, Charles Dunbar’s site. If you don’t know Charles, you have clearly never been to an anime convention on the U.S. East Coast; he is probably the most prominent and easily the best academic-panelist, and goes to A LOT of cons. Also he’s editing my book, and doing a bang-up job.

If you have any interest in anime, you should give his site a read; there’s a lot of great insight on their into Japanese culture, fan culture, and folklore, as well as the ongoing “ID Project” guest posts where fans write about different aspects of being a fan.

My own article is about being a third-generation geek–at least three of my grandparents could be considered “geeks” as the word is used today, and both my parents and my older brother easily were. It was basically inevitable that I would one day end up doing *something* like this blog.

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