Pony Thought of the Day: Background Pony

Who’s your favorite background pony? Mine’s Lyra, at least today. I don’t actually buy into the whole “human fan” thing, I just think she likes to sit weirdly because she’s comfy that way, and she doesn’t give a damn what anybody else thinks is a “normal” way to sit.

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  1. For a moment I thought the title was a reference to the fanfic “Background Pony,” which is the second-saddest thing in the history of fanfiction.

    It's also why I am a fan of the Lyra-as-human-fan meme (which I rationalize with EqG by saying that Twilight, being a skeptic, wouldn't recognize cryptids on sight), because I had to stay up half the night re-reading “Anthropology” just to 'rescue' Lyra from her fate in BP.

  2. As a general rule, if there's a possibility I might not be referencing a fanwork, I'm probably not, because I've never heard of it. Given what I do, I'm astoundingly ignorant about fanworks–except for a couple of creators I follow closely, I know next to nothing.

  3. Background Pony is one of the most hauntingly beautiful stories I've ever read. Not “most hauntingly beautiful fanfictions.” Stories. If there's any story that elevates the art of fanfiction to true literature, it's that one.
    Lyra really is a great character. Even excepting all the fan stuff of her, she's also a really well-designed character. Gold irises, green coat… love her! 😀

  4. Favorite background ponies….okay, Doctor Whooves. I fully admit that the fanworks surrounding these two got me interested in the Doctor Who series, and to this day the works by Pony In A Box Production and others are still the best fanworks in the fandom.

    Derpy is also pretty good in fanworks, particularly in the Lunaverse and in Doctor-Whooves related things.

  5. I just think she likes to sit weirdly because she's comfy that way, and she doesn't give a damn what anybody else thinks is a “normal” way to sit.

    So she's a regular Commander Riker? I can dig it.

  6. Carrot Top. We've seen Applejack and her family on the apple farm many times, but Carrot Top is just there in the background, with her unseen carrot farm. She gives no bucks about being next to an apple clan center and an element of harmony superhero.

    Also, I might like carrots more than apples.

  7. Yeah, she's pretty awesome. Have you read the Lunaverse? She gets to be an Element of Harmony in that, and Applejack ends up basically her evil (or at least extremist) counterpart.

  8. It all depends on the author of course, but I guess I'll go with Lyra just because practically noone can resist giving her a personality, and usually it's a fun one at that. Hell, even the original show tends to do something silly with her on occasion, like her mysteriously being at the Best Young Flier competition. I've seen Lyra used as everything from a secret time agent to a hopeless dreamer to a pinkie-sized ball of chaos to Agent Mulder narrowing in on the truth to the Element Of Loyalty. But my favorite version is still the ball of chaos one.

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