Pony Thought of the Day: Equestria Girls Liveblog!

Putting this up early so I can link to it/procrastinate on transcribing BronyCon interviews.

This is where we’ll be liveblogging Equestria Girls! The way it works is, we’ll all queue up copies of the movie in whatever format (I actually bought the DVD for this, because I am a good little pony), and at 3p.m. EST we all start watching simultaneously and commenting with anything we feel like saying in response to the movie.

Well… almost anything. Just a couple of rules:

1) If you’re new here, there is a comment policy. It’s a lot of words that basically boil down to “Play Nice.”

2) No spoilers of any kind. That includes content spoilers (“Example Pony dies!”), negative spoilers (“When Example Pony showed up, I thought she was going to hook up with Sample Pony, and I’m still bummed she didn’t”) and even anticipation spoilers (“I still can’t believe what happened to Example Pony!”) Anything which implies anything about something that happens later in the movie is a spoiler, so please don’t post them. If you absolutely MUST say something spoilery, apply the ROT13 filter first.

That’s it! See you all at 3!

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  1. Notice how much we're supposed to know going in — the names of the characters, the Crystal Empire storyline, etc. This is clearly aimed at fans.

  2. Speaking of body, it REALLY bothers me that they all have the same body type. Twilight should be shorter than the others, Fluttershy taller, Applejack a little bulkier, and Pinkie should be fat!

  3. Oh, Snips and Snails. Is there any Mean Girl you won't tag along after?

    …Why are there much younger kids at this school? Is it like grade 6-12 or something?

  4. Wait, did they establish at some point that Shimmer's been going back and forth between worlds for a while?

    Did she kill human!Twilight? Is that where this is going? Because dang.

  5. I can't believe this is already as long as a two-part episode. Doesn't feel like it at all. Bravo on the pacing, folks.

    The Wonderbolts are the school team. Shoulda seen that coming. Nice.

    Rarity you are the best.

  6. All of us are the same! But different! Be yourself, and sing and dance in unison!

    No but seriously this song is okay. Not great, but best so far in the movie.

  7. One body design that is used for all the characters, including Celestia and Luna. Only difference is when you add more joints, you cost more. *Bites tongue*

  8. My connection crapped out on me.

    Re: the similar body type — I know that in the Archie books they kept Betty, Veronica and all the other girls the same figure so that girls won't think to judge their own figures and come up wanting. (Yeah, I know, like girls don't obsess over their figures already — but at least this tame the blame off Archie. Or EQ.)

  9. You might think Twilight is exaggerating about Sunset's menace, but imagine 25 years from now when Sunset is the Republican candidate for President.

  10. THANK YOU! One does not simply walk into a school. The place should have been on lockdown and the police called.

  11. Ingram stated he was trying to make the music reflective of stuff like Glee for the movie (more pop/less musical)

  12. Hmm… overall this movie wasn't bad. The climax was pretty excellent. Everything leading up to that was only okay, except the romance subplot which is WRONG and DOES NOT BELONG IN FIM.

    Overall this was about the quality level of a mid-tier episode. It's well above something like “Over the Barrel” or

    [interrupted by dancing Ditzy Doo holding a muffin]

    …yeah, okay. Pretty decent effort, needed less romance subplot and more CMC.

  13. I'm less bothered by the character, Flash Sentry is a perfectly acceptable Generic High School Popular Boy, than by the entry of romantic elements into the series at all. I *like* having a series for girls where that's not an element, because EVERY OTHER SERIES FOR GIRLS has a strong romantic element. Adding this reduces the ways in which FIM is unique.

  14. Wait, so showing a bunch of different body types as being normal would make girls judge themselves, but only showing one model-thin body type doesn't? In what universe does that make sense?

    Oh, right, Archie.

  15. No, I'm saying you could give the characters different body types in the movie and still use one mold for the toys, since the toys look nothing like the characters anyway.

  16. True. It really shows when all the characters look the same, male or female, until you introduce Bulk and Skull, I mean Snips and Snails. Kinda shoots yourself in the foot when you do that.

  17. The romance subplot has one MAJOR fault in it. Why is the Pony crushing on the Human? I'm okay with pony breeds crossing, but we're talking cross dimensional jumping. Even if there is a inverse counterpart, that's not the character you had your main character fall for. There's also the storyline of Captain of the Royal Guard ending up with a Princess. We've done it and it's being explored in universe, repeating such a story is not necessary. Flash has no flaws in this movie. He's popular, he plays guitar, he drives a nice car, he's conveniently the ex-boyfriend of the plot's villain.

  18. Eh, Twilight's just an inverse furry.

    The subplot wasn't handled very well, but I don't think there *is* a way to handle a romantic subplot well within MLP. (Cadance and Shining Armor don't count because their romantic subplot is already over when we meet them–they've hooked up and are getting married from the start.)

  19. Twilight will be at Hu-mane-con with Lyra next year.

    The only time we've seen a romantic subplot prior to this was Heart and Hooves day, which was over-the-top wuv. Yet someone with the background ponies keeps placing Big Mac and Cheerilee together. I'm curious what exactly is going on there. It's interesting you bring up Cadance and Shining Armor. The IDW comics 11 and 12 will actually be based around the two of them getting together in some cheesy 80s romcom style, if memory serves correct.

    As for this movie's subplot, it wasn't needed. Hell the one thing Flash does useful could have been done by anyone else. And I know exactly who should have uncovered it, the CMCs. Seriously if they are like the CMC of the main show, they could have broken out their Gabby Gums snooping skills and got to the bottom of what was going on, at the same time revealing that Twilight was not enrolled and was somehow a magical princess from another dimension, the latter of which no one would believe but maybe raised some red flags on the whole not enrolled in the school thing.

  20. “Hello, 911? Yeah, this girl turned into a flying demon and crushed the walls of the school and tried to create a brainwashed army of… hello? Hello?”

  21. Apparently (thirdhand rumor, to be fair), if EqG gets a spinoff show, the main character will be Sunset Shimmer, combining the friendship lessons with a redemption arc.

  22. Yes, this movie would be 1000X better if Flash were replaced by CMC investigation scenes.

    I don't really consider H&HD a romantic plot, since it's explicitly not about two ponies falling for each other and getting together, but rather about dangerous magic making them act out-of-character. Love potions are a completely different plot type.

  23. She hasn't been going back and forth between worlds. The portal only opens for a few days, once every Celestia-only-knows how long, so Sunset Shimmer has been trapped in the human world all this time. That's why she's reigning mean girl there, and why Twilight has never heard of her in Equestria.

  24. There are only two possibilities for that spinoff: Either it sucks because it's got inferior writing and is just a quick cash-grab, or it pulls a Futurama and causes the parent show to plummet in quality because the creative forces behind both are putting all their love into the new show.

    Either way it is not a good idea to risk this for a show that has nothing special to recommend it (unlike Futurama which hybridized two genres that hadn't really be mixed on TV before).

  25. Yeah, I eventually more-or-less figured out that she went to the human world last time the portal was open, then came back to Equestria when it opened this time.

    Which, I recall the number “30 moons” being mentioned by Luna. That's two and a half years, which if they're high school seniors and it's mid-spring, would have put her original arrival right around the beginning of freshman year.

  26. I still maintain that Equestria's lunar cycle is different, since the sun and moon apparently can't be in the sky together (NMM's first attack consisted of refusing to lower it to make way for the dawn), so “30 moons” means something different.

    If nothing else, I don't believe that the Apple Family only has a reunion every 7 years.

  27. A lot of people post their comments in separate windows instead of the BronyState chat. If nothing else, we could set up a temporary IRC room; it'd be easier than constantly hitting refresh every 5 seconds.

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