Pony Thought of the Day: Seed No Evil

The Kickstarter has only 1 day left! If you want the Kickstarter-exclusive essay, this is your last chance to pledge!

You guys have been amazing, but due to backers reducing their pledges I am now down to $1000, $200 shy of the stretch goal where I do TWO reaction videos, one to a Gen 3 ep and one to a Gen 3.5 ep. Will I have to suffer through the horrors of “Over Two Rainbows?” Or will I escape that fate by the skin of my teeth? It’s up to all of you to decide!

It’s gauche to ask, I know, but if any of you have a platform from which you can spread the Kickstarter–a blog, Twitter, actual meatspace interaction with human-type peoples, now is the last chance to tell any of them about this drive. Although we passed the initial goal a while back, that was based on my editor’s initial quote before he saw the book–it’s actually requiring more editing than he expected, and therefore costing more. As it stands now, the Kickstarter is just shy of covering my actual costs–which I can cover, the book will definitely still happen, but it’d be nice to say I broke even.

The latest episode of Friendship Is Witchcraft, “Seed No Evil,” is one of their best. It’s exactly what I needed to get the foul taste of “One Bad Apple” out of my mouth. I’d embed it, but Blogger is being wonky and forcing me to write this in HTML, so I’m merely going to link it instead.

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  1. Well, one person messaged me to explain it and had a very good reason. Other than that, no idea. Other people I've talked to said that their Kickstarters tended to start slow, then end with a burst of pledges, while mine seems to have started quickly and then slowed down. No idea why.

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