Pony Thought of the Day: I Have Acquired Equestria Girls, Time for Some Planning

The Kickstarter has only 2 days left! You guys have been amazing, but due to a backer reducing their pledge I am now just $10 shy of the stretch goal where I do TWO reaction videos, one to a Gen 3 ep and one to a Gen 3.5 ep. Will I have to suffer through the horrors of “Over Two Rainbows?” Or will I escape that fate by the skin of my teeth? It’s up to all of you to decide!

It’s gauche to ask, I know, but if any of you have a platform from which you can spread the Kickstarter–a blog, Twitter, actual meatspace interaction with human-type peoples, now is the last chance to tell any of them about this drive. Although we passed the initial goal a while back, that was based on my editor’s initial quote before he saw the book–it’s actually requiring more editing than he expected, and therefore costing more. As it stands now, the Kickstarter is just shy of covering my actual costs–which I can cover, the book will definitely still happen, but it’d be nice to say I broke even.
So, I picked up the DVD of Equestria Girls at BronyCon this weekend. Still haven’t watched it and my spoiler-avoidance has been mostly successful, so at this point my knowledge of it consists of the two trailers, the titles of a couple of the musical numbers, and that it has a character named Sunset Shimmer whom people don’t like? Except the people who do? Also several people telling me it’s less bad than they expected. So, now that the DVD is out, it’s time for the promised liveblog! The liveblog will occur this Saturday, August 10. At noon EST a placeholder post will go up on this blog, where people can comment as they please (but NO SPOILERS). At 3 p.m. EST everyone will hit play on their DVDs simultaneously, and we can all start watching together and commenting on what we’re seeing as the movie plays. Let me reiterate: NO SPOILERS. On this post, on past posts–anywhere on the site between now and the end of the liveblog. I normally don’t care because I can almost always predict the plot of something within a few minutes of starting it, but the whole point of this exercise is for me (and anyone else who chooses to join in) to give a moment-by-moment reaction to first encountering the movie, in contrast to the usual planned, thought-out analyses of things I’ve seen multiple times before I start writing. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this. I think it’ll be fun, and in a different way than the blog usually is.

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  1. Okay, I upped mine to $110 and got the total back to $1,200. I don't know who else I could recommend it too, though… I have all of three Twitter followers, and most of the pony fans I know in meatspace are broke or close enough.

    I loved the movie, but I wasn't expecting it to be horrible, so I might be a skewed data point.

  2. Aw, thank you! That was really nice of you!

    Yeah, the people I've spoken to about the movie fall basically into the “hyped beforehand, loved the movie” and “expected to hate it, didn't actually” camps. I don't know anyone that was disappointed by it. Nonetheless, I'm maintaining an attitude of cautious pessimism.

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