Pony Thought of the Day: Another Story I’d Like to See in Season 4

I may have shared this plot idea before, but I don’t think with this friendship lesson: Fluttershy and Angel go to visit his family, who have just moved to Ponyville. They run into Applejack on the way, who’s looking for the varmints that tore up her south field to build a burrow. Yep, same bunnies. They begin to feud, Fluttershy trying to help the bunnies to stay and Applejack trying to eject them. They start trying to recruit their friends to each other’s sides, and privately worry their friendship might be over. Ultimately someone (probably Twilight, but it’d be nice if it were someone else for a change) helps them reach a compromise that satisfies everyone. The two write a friendship letter together: “Sometimes friends disagree or get mad, and that doesn’t mean the friendship is over. It’s important to talk to the friend you’re mad at and work through it together.”
(Why yes, I’m still reading Odd Girl Out, why do you ask?)

0 thoughts on “Pony Thought of the Day: Another Story I’d Like to See in Season 4

  1. So basically Over a Barrel without all the historical baggage and racial undertones that distract from the point the episode thinks it's making? I can get into that!

  2. That (or some equivalent) definitely sounds like both an episode that I would like to see and an episode that it would be very in-character for the writers to write. Though trying to form a mental image of Fluttershy in a feud is causing me to grin smile way too much.

  3. Sort of? But what I have in mind isn't so much “conflict is bad and we should find a way to get along” as “conflict is inevitable and we should find a way to deal with it without destroying our friendship.”

  4. Sadly the only image I can actually conjure is of her complaining constantly about Applejack behind her back but clamming up the moment AJ appears in person. Which is… probably not the most hopeful of images given what inspired this idea from you.

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