Pony Thought of the Day: That Other Ditzy Doo Personal Fanon I Mentioned

As of this writing, the Kickstarter is a mere $10 from reaching the first stretch goal, a custom backer-exclusive essay on a topic chosen by the backers!

Also, I need some HTML 5 help. Now that pretty much all the table controls are verboten, how exactly can I go about creating a table arranged in two columns, each 50% the width of the page? If you can point me to example code, that would be ideal. Thanks!

I like to imagine that, every time Ditzy Doo drops something, it’s because she’s distracted thinking about questions like “What if light had a speed? What would the world look like from on top of a light wave?” And she’s worked out the theory of relativity in her head, but never bothers to tell anyone because she knows (after all, everyone keeps telling her) that she’s a silly, clumsy pony, so her ideas must be equally silly.

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  1. It helps that she spends so much time hanging around with the Doctor in fanon.

    In the Portal crossover fic “Better Living Through Science and Ponies,” she has Paraphasia, and is looked down on because she's constantly swapping out words, despite being very intelligent otherwise. The sequel fic has a subplot about her learning to speak normally with aid from the magic crystal that Celestia gives to Chell at the end of the first fic to allow her to speak at all.

    That actually became quite popular in fanon before you-know-which-episode, and showed up in a fic where Pinkie Pie had to become a psychologist (or “psychologest,” as she put it) because her party budget finally ran out and she had to raise money.

  2. One of my headcanons: She's Princess Celestia's Secret Service guard for Ponyville. Her eyes are always watching the Mane 6 in case they encounter a problem or danger they can't deal with themselves. Pinkie Pie is really hard to keep track of, which is why in Feeling Pinkie Keen that super-accident happened.

  3. Here is some code for the table.

    To remove the border, replace the 1 with a 0.

    The alignment of the content can be controlled with the “align” attribute.

    (table width=”100%” border=”1″>
    (td width=”50%” align=”center”>content left(/td>
    (td width=”50%” align=”left”>content right(/td>

    Just replace all the ( in the code with <
    It won't let me post it otherwise.

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