Pony Thought of the Day: My Little Po-Mo Volume One Kickstarter Is Go!

As of now, I am announcing the Kickstarter campaign to back My Little Po-Mo Volume One! More than 30 articles, including in-depth analysis of every episode of the first season, discussion of the fandom, the importance of Friendship Is Magic as a feminist work, a brief alchemy primer, a discussion of free will and cutie marks, and more! Every article which appeared on this blog has been revised and expanded, and several articles are exclusive to the book!

Depending on the funding level, backers can receive digital art of the cover–an original piece by a brony artist inspired by the book and the show–electronic or dead-tree copies of the book, or even pick topics for future articles!

So if you enjoy this project and would like to help contribute to its future, please click the link and take a look!


(And now I have used up my exclamation point quota for the month…)

0 thoughts on “Pony Thought of the Day: My Little Po-Mo Volume One Kickstarter Is Go!

  1. That awkward moment when I realize my card/Amazon account is linked to the company Kickstarter account rather than one under my own name because I never bothered making my own separate account…

    The pledge from “Fermat's Last Theater Co.” is me, but I may have to withdraw it from that account and register a private account, so don't be alarmed if that pledge disappears for a bit and another name shows up with the same amount. I'll know by tonight.

  2. Question: If I pledge at the $200 level and pledge $300 then is it possible to get both an Essay on the Best Pony, as well as a topic of my choice? Having to choose is…difficult.

  3. There. Withdrawn and re-pledged under a private account this time.

    (and in case you're wondering, yes, it was my own credit-card both times, so the company wouldn't have actually gotten the bill… I'm not THAT careless)

    Oh, and Rarity is (my pick for) best pony.

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