Pony Thought of the Day: Drinking Names

My roommate/best friend/kith/ex-fiancee (my life is complicated) Viga went to a happy hour with the D.C. Brony Society. One person had a little too much, leading to the nickname “Drinkie Pie.” Then someone came up with “Rainbow Smashed,” and after she came home we had to come up with names for all of them. (Well, I say we. It was almost entirely her, I helped with maybe one of them.) The complete list: Twilight Spritzer, Drinkie Pie, Applejack-and-Coke, Rainbow Smashed, Fluttershots, and Rari-Long Island Iced-ty. Plus once the CMC hit drinking age (and not one second before, if Applejack has anything to say about it), we’ll get Shooterloo, Appletini, and Sweetie Beer.

This is what passes for entertainment in my house.

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