Pony Thought of the Day: The Book Lineup

So, I’ve more or less finalized the lineup of articles for My Little Po-Mo Volume 1:

  • 26 Sunday articles from this site, everything from “Dear Princess Celestia…” (which will be the book’s introduction) to “This day was going to be perfect/The kind of day of which I’ve dreamt since I was small (The Best Night Ever).” All are revised and expanded for the book.
  • Two articles I wrote for other sites, both of which I revised and expanded for the book:
    • Fillies for Feminism
    • The Brony Effect
  • An excerpt from an article I wrote for an essay anthology that hasn’t been published yet because I’m the only contributor who turned theirs in on time: A Brief History of Saturday Morning.
  • Four brand-new, book exclusive articles:
    • Theophrasus Bombastus Twilight Sparkle von Hohenheim
    • The Melancholy of Celestia Suzumiya
    • A Cutie Mark Conundrum
    • Today I Learned… (which will summarize the first season and close out the book)

Feel free to keep suggesting articles, though. Even if I don’t put them in this book, there’s always the next one–and who knows, if it’s appropriate and a good idea, I might put it in this one after all. I thought I had the list nailed down yesterday, but somebody suggested an article to me on Twitter and it was too perfect not to do.

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  1. Will the other articles be interspersed with the episode breakdowns, or will there be all 26 at the start and the rest of the book devoted to the rest?

  2. Pretty darn close to it, yep. Less history (no equivalent to the “Pop Between Realities, Home in Time for Tea” posts, for instance) because the time period I'm covering is a fifteenth as long, but otherwise, why mess with what I know works?

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