Pony Thought of the Day: Rariplexity

Is Rarity the most complex character ever to appear in a children’s show? No, not when you consider characters like Avatar the Last Airbender’s Zuko or pretty much the entire cast of Princess Tutu.

Is she the most complex character ever to appear in a show for children this young? As far as I know, yes. Yes she is. While Fluttershy is my favorite pony and probably always will be (unless they do an episode where she’s, like, a bigot or something), Rarity is the most fun character in the show to write about for this blog, by a wide margin.

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  1. Yesterday I went out with a bunch of friends for sushi. Discussing ponies, one of my friends (whom I never even really see anymore) exclaimed that Rarity was worst pony. Worse than SPIKE. She said that all there was to her character was vanity and melodrama.

    It was the first time in my entire life I was speechless. Like, I had no idea how to combat her statement because my mind went blank. It was almost like the sentence she uttered was so nonsensical that my mind blue screened.

  2. Tell her to watch “Green Isn't Your Color” and “Suited for Success” again. Also point out to her that during the musical number in “Sweet and Elite,” every time Rarity approves of some pony and her yes-ponies hail them, the pony is struggling in some way.

  3. Sorry for subjecting you to music you dislike. 🙁

    A search on youtube for 'Rarity PMV' actually turns up lots of stuff, so maybe there's one more to your liking. (Though probably not with all the crazy effects.)

  4. Nah, it's cool. Basically all PMVs have awful music IMO; bronies seem to favor music designed to be danced to, I like music designed to be listened to.

  5. PMVs (and AMVs, I suppose) are meant to be watched, so more 'active' (close enough) music is probably way more common. There are many brony and show-inspired musicians and they've made music for every genre.

    I guess the extreme opposite side of it would be Chronos. Chronos is a 1985 time-lapse IMAX film, and it has a full 42 minute musical composition for the entire film. I saw it a few weeks ago, and it's available on youtube and netflix for free.

    But a little more on-topic, I suppose I got no good Rarity vids. There's the Mulan parody, but though the lyrics are funny the music is kinda bland. Because, well, Mulan was a not-so-great Disney movie. *Shrug*

  6. To be honest, it seems to me like 99% of PMVs use some variant of electronic dance music/club music/whatever you want to call it. I like nothing in that genre or any of its subgenres. Basically, you kids need to get off my lawn with your damn devil music. Whatever happened to the wholesome, all-American music we had when I was young, like Slayer and Megadeth?

  7. Well grandpa, there are PMVs of Slayer and Megadeth. (The Slayer one is kinda bad, so I don't actually recommend it to all you lurkers.)

    Forget the stuff they feature on EqD. Go to youtube, plug in a song or band name and add 'pony' or 'pmv', and hope you find a vid with good editing. Basically, you're wrong about that 99% thing, though most PMVs are bad in general.

  8. Slightly off-topic, but is Princess Tutu really a kid's show? I've only seen the first 6 or so episodes but I've been spoiled on some of the rest of the plot too, and it seems kind of dark for a kid's show. Even with all the fairy-tale stuff, since anime seems to make a little less of a big deal out of excising childish elements from adult entertainment than stuff written in the US. And/or excising serious plots from kids shows, one or the other.

    I guess it depends on what you count as kids. It's probably for an older audience than Pokemon or ponies but a younger (or more general) audience than, say, Bacano! or When They Cry.

  9. I'm about 80% sure it was meant as a kid's show? Older kids than ponies, yes, but it aired on Kids Station and the manga adaptation was published in a magazine marketed to kids 10 and up.

    The only reason I'm not completely sure is that I can't find what time it aired on Kids Station. If it was in the late-night block that would change things, that's sort of the Kids Station equivalent to Adult Swim.

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