Pony Thought of the Day: Equestria Girls Trailer #2

Remember how I said the first trailer clearly wasn’t for me? It’s that implied viewer thing; the implied viewer of the first trailer was definitely little girls. The implied viewer for this one, I think, is bronies: more story, more humor, Photo Finish, Vinyl Scratch, confirmation that Spike goes with her…


The song still sucks. I’m going to watch this–I’m considering liveblogging it when I do–but this doesn’t leave me with any desire to actually pay the ridiculous cost of a movie ticket for it. Especially since the distributors have hit on this brilliant strategy of only showing the movie in places where no one lives.

So yeah, still not enthused, still cautiously pessimistic, but this trailer was definitely about showing the bits they thought someone like me would be interested in, so they’re clearly trying.

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