Metapost: Apologies

Sorry for lack of a Pony Thought of the Day yesterday. I was extremely ill–I spent most of the day drifting in and out of consciousness–and Anime Boston ate what little was left of my buffer.

Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to do any more Pony Thoughts of the Day for a few days. Frankly, what with work and being sick and a Massive Secret Project you will be finding out about at the end of the month, I’m verging on burnout and I need a break. I thought a weekend guest post would be enough to give me a chance to recharge, but it wasn’t.

So, I’m taking a few more days off. The regular Sunday article will be up as usual, but don’t expect any Pony Thoughts of the Day until Monday at the earliest.

Sorry, but I really, really don’t want this project to go the way of, well, everything else I’ve ever worked on, where I get off to a great start and then burn out a few days or weeks or months in. I AM GOING TO FINISH THIS.

0 thoughts on “Metapost: Apologies

  1. Just take care of yourself. There is no point in destroying your health for this. We're patient. And can turn this comment thread into something interesting…

    So: No sane person wants to open up a “Best Pony” discussion so we'll try something different: Which Pony is best Princess?

    I'm going with Luna, because her mane is off the hook.

  2. I feel like Rainbow Dash would run off from being a princess in a hurry. Or it would be a disaster on the level of the fall of Rome. We'd have giant frescoes of Double Rain Booms being constructed as Ponies fought to the death in the Arenas. Eventually she would conduct the ultimate stunt…which would burn it all to the ground…

    Of course out all the ponies in Ponyville do ANY of them really come across as princess material?

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