Pony Thought of the Day: Wildly Speculating on Favorite Shows

If Equestria had TV/Netflix, what would each of the Mane Six watch?

Twilight is easy: PBS, Science Channel, and so on. She gets really mad when she channel flips past History channel and they’re showing their usual bullshit… she misses back when they showed history.

Pinkie Pie is also easy: Cartoons, cartoons, and more cartoons.

Rarity is addicted to trashy telenovellas, the trashier the better, even though she doesn’t speak a word of Spanish. Don’t ask me why, it just feels like it fits.

Rainbow Dash would watch a lot of sports, you’d think, and she does, but after watching a couple of the Daring Do movies she’s gotten addicted to old adventure serials, too.

Applejack doesn’t have much time for watching TV, but when she does, it’s cooking shows and home improvement. She’s the only one of the Mane Six who watches TV news, and as a result knows less about what’s going on in the world than even Rainbow Dash.

Fluttershy watches nature shows, of course, and soccer. She says it’s because Angel likes it, but truth is she does too.

None of them are particularly fannish, or at least none of them watch the big Tumblr-dominating shows. The CMC, on the other hand, are nuts for Doctor Who, and Sweetie Bell has recently discovered Supernatural. (Which she probably shouldn’t be watching at her age, but nobody’s stopped her so far.)

This is a Wild Speculation post, so feel free to comment with your own opinions on what the Mane Six would watch!

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  1. I can also see Twilight watching Bio-Pics of famous individuals. She spazzes out when they get things wrong, but it's one of those things where you can't stop yourself.

    I think Pinkie would also watch shows like about Candy and the making of Candy. Maybe also limited cooking reality shows like “Ace of Cakes”.

    I think Rarity is also into period drama in a MAJOR way. Downton Abby, Upstairs Downstairs, anything having to do with Royalty. She likely also binges hard on reality shows sometimes (but would NEVER admit it).

    Rainbow Dash I think you've got spot on.

    I honestly can't see Applejack watching any TV, not even news. I think she'd get fed up with it in a hurry. I CAN see her listening to Radio however, as that doesn't stop her from working on other things at the same time. I think she's far more likely to do something with somepony rather than “Veg-Out” on TV.

    I think Fluttershy might also watch kid's TV with the animals.

  2. You're right, Pinkie would watch things like that documentary series about different candies and stuff like Ace of Cakes and Georgetown Cupcakes. (I live near the bakery in the latter, so I refuse to watch it, because they are EXPENSIVE and I'd never be able to resist going after EVERY BLOODY EPISODE.) Like me, Pinkie would only be able to watch those shows if she had a big pile of junk food next to her.

    And YES on Rarity, so very yes.

    And yeah, you're probably right about AJ, but the premise required I come up with *some* kind of watching habits for her.

  3. I have this image in my head I can't shake of the Mane Six at a pet play date and discussing some show they all watch in common (I can't think of it, but narrative conventions would state there is one…Walking Dead? Game of Thrones? How I Met Your Mother?) and Applejack just stands there awkwardly. Glassy stare. Praying to Celestia that they'll talk about something practical.

  4. I can also picture each of the Mane Six having a guilty-pleasure show that goes against their personality type.

    Of course, with several of them, this just means I think they secretly watch late-night erotic thrillers on cable.

  5. Nah, my fanon is that they're all asexual. (Rarity at least is heteromantic asexual, admittedly.)

    But I'm totally with you on the guilty pleasures, they definitely all have one.

  6. Mane Six Guilty Pleasures:

    Twilight: America's Got Talent
    Rarity: Star Trek
    Dash: Bridezillas
    AJ: Daytime soaps
    Fluttershy: WWE or UFC
    Pinkie: Downton Abbey

    Just my first impressions

  7. All the Mane Six being asexual? Sure, they could all be that way, but that's kinda boring.

    Now, if they pass on the Elements and suddenly find they're no longer asexual…

  8. I dunno, to me this reads less like “guilty pleasure” and more like “the absolute last show they would ever enjoy.” Exce[t maybe AJ and the soaps, that could work as “something she likes but doesn't fit her public persona.”

  9. Personally, I find being the same as every other show boring. I like that MLP has absolutely zilch in the way of love interests for any of the main characters, precisely because in a normal show at least one would have one by now. Making them all asexual ensures that it stays that way. (Well, except for Rarity's expression of romantic desires, but that only happened in Amy Keating Rogers episodes and can be more or less ignored, just like all of Rarity's other bizarre behavior in Rogers episodes.)

    Frankly, I don't like the idea of any ponies being sexual beings. I prefer to imagine that new ponies are made by magic. A handful are romantically inclined, but most are content without romance.

    Personally, I think that's a lot more interesting than “ponies are just like the human characters in every show ever!”

  10. I would never interfere with anyone's own cannon. But I'll be honest, I ship Applejack and Rarity or Applejack and Twilight SUPER hard. I'd never rant about it or anything. Nor do I want the depiction in the show to change at all.

    But I do love me some trashy Twijack and Rarijack fictions on lonely weekends

  11. I said almost the same thing on another blog this weekend.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have never met someone who I agree with less yet want to talk with more.

    God this place is refreshing.

  12. I agree that Rarity would go for the soaps, but it's not just some vague “it fits”–it fits because of her hammy tendencies (like in Lesson Zero). Naturally she would be attracted to shows which are so over-the-top dramatic because she likes indulging in such behavior herself. Of course she would NEVER admit it to anypony. She also probably follows some more conventionally “good” dramas too, ones that fall on the “cultiish” side of your cult vs meme scale.

    Naturally, she is constantly trying to convince Sweetie Belle that whatever it is Belle chooses to watch is vulgar and/or uncouth, but Sweetie Belle always grins, secure in the knowledge of what her big sister watches when she thinks nopony's looking.

    I also like your idea for Fluttershy.

    And there's no way Applejack would watch TV even if it was present in Equestria.

  13. Word of Faust is that ponies do, in fact, reproduce sexually, although since they're obviously not going to be confirming that in the actual show, I suppose it could be overlooked when formulating headcanon.

    Also, Theonlyspiral? Keep your dirty hooves off my Twidash OTP!!!!

    (just kidding. I also accept Flutterdash)

  14. I go back and forth on Twijack and Rarijack. On one hand: I love the idea of my two favorite ponies together (Rarity + Applejack) and also love the frisson between them. On the other hand the Fic that got me back into fanfiction after a 13 year break was an excellently written Twijack fic. So I'm torn. But again, I do not discriminate based on Ship.

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