11 thoughts on “Pony Thought of the Day: Massless Spherical Duck

  1. Its just a mashup of all the cliche questions. The bridge part is a variation on the old chicken/fox/grain problem.
    The duck is a reference to physics simplifications.
    Interesting they used mass-less duck instead of the more common spherical cow though.
    And the java vs c++ is just somebodies test question.

  2. They clearly forgot the stipulation that Fluttershy is never allowed to be left alone on either side of the bridge or forced to cross by herself. Or was the part about being nice to Fluttershy supposed to be assumed?

  3. There's a whole bunch of stipulations on who can cross with whom and who can be left with whom on the same side of the bridge that would have to be added to make it a workable version of the chicken/fox/grain problem.

    Of course, Fluttershy's presence renders the whole problem sillier than it already is, since she can just fly across.

  4. The ideas of a massless duck and a spherical cow amuse me greatly. But then I was a political science major so these perfect absurdities were new to me.

  5. Ah, the memories of AP Physics. Cows are spherical, hockey rinks are perfectly frictionless, the atmosphere doesn't exist but everyone can breathe fine anyway, and the universe is always entirely empty except for things relevant to the test question…

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