Pony Thought of the Day: Best Pet

Objectively speaking, Tank is the best pet, because he is both a turtle and a helicopter. Anyone who says otherwise is simply wrong.

0 thoughts on “Pony Thought of the Day: Best Pet

  1. It also helps that he doesn't have much competition.

    Gummy looks cool, but in terms of behavior he may as well be an inanimate object; Opalescence is basically Diamond Tiara in cat form; Owlowicious is cool but he mostly just sits around and sometimes carries books; and Angel Bunny is an abomination before all that is good and decent in the multiverse.

  2. I like Opal and I liked Angel in his earlier appearances, before he started getting abusive.

    But let's face it, what competition could a turtle helicopter possibly have? An iguana hovercraft? No, that's just silly.

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