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I’ll be doing another Fanworks Month in about six months, and it occurs to me that one area I don’t cover at all this month is games. Mostly because I don’t know anything about them–are there any good, finished pony video games? Card games? Tabletop games? I am in a position of vast ignorance here, so I turn to you: any recommendations?

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  1. Story of the Blanks is very good for a quick horror game. It manages to retain a lot of the show's feel despite its very short length and dark elements. (Briefly, Apple Bloom gets lost in the Everfree and winds up in a Town With A Dark Secret). It was extremely popular during the S1-S2 break.

    The Luna games are mostly just jump scares and screamers. I wouldn't recommend those.

    That's about all I know of the MLP gaming community… I'm more on the fanfic side.

  2. Lurkingrhythmically.blogspot.com has a section in the header for analysis of the Mane 6 in D&D terms with regards to class and an adaptation of Unknown Armies that works very well. Both are worth a look. In the comments on several pages are creators of other adaptations, but her's is the best I've read through.
    I recall seeing a demo of an investigation game lightly based on Phoenix Wright with navigable environments and a partnering system that look'd a healthy way into the dev process. Don't remember a name though.
    On the subject of Phoenix Wright, there's also a pony-crossover/redux of the first game that's fully voiced floating around on youtube.

    As a project, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Gathering technically exists but never really got anywhere useful. Most of the cards are poorly balanced with little consistency and obvious favouritism. Funny name though.

  3. Half a dozen games are mentioned, linked and reviewed in the comments section of Friendship is Dragons — heck, the entire cast is based on Erin Palette's thoughts on how the characters mapped to DnD.

  4. I remember seeing that Ace Attorney Investigations demo! I wonder if anything came of it.

    On the Phoenix Wright video thing, are you talking about Turnabout Storm? Because I'm planning on it for after I finish second season.

    Man, I really wish My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Gathering were complete and well-balanced. That'd be almost enough to get me to start playing Magic again.

  5. Hmm… the only one I recall ever being mentioned was Tabletop Adventures and Erin Palette's thing. I'll go back in and look for more, though.

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