Pony Thought of the Day: BESM Weather Control

Here’s another new BESM attribute for my pony game. The ability to use weather to attack hasn’t shown up much in the show, but seems logical, is crucial to Turnabout Storm, and made possible one of Rainbow Dash’s best moments in the big crossover game I ran at Anime USA (specifically, it’s how she beat LadyDevimon). So I tossed it in.
Weather Control (3/level): You have the ability to physically manipulate clouds and winds. Unlike Environmental Control, which is supernatural or technological, this requires you to physically move air and clouds, and therefore requires your full attention. However, again unlike Environmental Control, it can be used to attack with wind, rain, snow, or lightning. (Treat the attack as a Weapon Attack of one level lower than the pony’s level of Weather Control).
  • Level 1: You can stand and walk on clouds as if they are ground.
  • Level 2: You can move individual clouds to create precipitation, lightning, or sunshine over a small area (5-meter radius). You can only create temperature-appropriate effects (that is, you cannot make it snow on a hot day). You can also create gentle breezes.
  • Level 3: You can move multiple clouds in a round to control the weather in a larger area (30-meter radius). You can still only create temperature-appropriate effects, and create stronger gusts of wind.
  • Level 4: You can control weather in a 100-meter radius, create temperature inappropriate effects (such as snow in summer), and create gale-force winds.
  • Level 5: You can control weather in a 200-meter radius, including temperature-inappropriate effects, and create winds strong enough to knock ponies over (Body check to prevent).
  • Level 6: You can clear the sky over an entire town in ten seconds flat, or otherwise control the weather for a town-sized area, and create tornado-strength winds.

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