9 thoughts on “Pony Thought of the Day: Pigs

  1. I've heard two different explanations, both ostensibly Word of God:

    1. They're being nice and giving them a home; pigs have to live somewhere so the Apples take them in.
    2. For hunting truffles.


  2. Hmm. But IIRC pig shit is actually pretty nasty stuff… unless that's just industrial farm pigs because of all the drugs they give them.

    Either way, I dunno, it seems easier to just keep a compost heap…


  3. Pigs are for turning food waste into pork. If you're not eating the pork, you'd be better off composting.


  4. I think the reference is to A Bird in the Hoof, where one of the plates of food Applejack contemplates holds a sandwich with an unidentified round pink slice of… something.


  5. Huh. I dunno, there's a lot of round pink slices you could put in a sandwich–turnip, radish, some kind of pickle, badly drawn tomato…


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