Pony Thought of the Day: Poison Joke and the CMC

Was reading through the Friendship Is Dragons archive for dark and terrible reasons that will become clear Sunday, and one of the commenters asked an interesting question: What would happen to the CMC if they stumbled on poison joke?

Here’s my guesses:

Scootaloo’s legs vanish/stop working, and she has to fly everywhere.

Sweetie Bell becomes invisible and inaudible to everyone except Rarity.

Apple Bloom gets Niven’s “Keller eyes” power, a.k.a. the ability of Doctor Who‘s Silence: Anypony not currently looking at her forgets she ever existed.

…Wow, poison joke is horrifying.

Anyway, what do you think?

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  1. Scootaloo could probably get around quite well with just her wings, so long as she still had her scooter. We've seen her do all those stunts, which is how she uses her wingpower in absence of flight.

    Speaking of which, McCarthy recently tweeted that S4 is going to have an episode about disabilities. I doubt they're going to be revising you-know-who anytime soon, even for a “do-over,” and Faust already said Scootaloo is flightless, so I'm guessing that's the agenda item.

    My guesses as to what Poison Joke would do to them? They'd get temporary Cutie Marks in one of the many things they've tried and failed and made themselves and others miserable in their attempts.

    Presumably in journalism.

    In the VDC tumblr event, Poison Joke switched around their races… Scootaloo got a horn, Apple Bloom got wings, and Sweetie Belle became an Earth Pony. Of course, this was just setting up the sequence where Sweetie Belle lost all her fur, and wound up looking like Slender Mane, so the battle between the two was more of a symbolic equal-opposites showdown.

  2. Oh, my whole point is that Scootaloo could get around without her wings. I like the idea that the “joke” would be formerly flightless Scootaloo (who presumably yearned to fly) is now unable to do anything *but* fly.

    “Faust already said Scootaloo is flightless”

    This is where the “Word of God” thing starts to really bug me. Of course authors and creators have every right to speak about their work, but I really don't think their comments should be taken as the Final Absolute Word That Must Never Be Questioned, especially in a shared universe, and most especially in a shared universe that the author in question doesn't own.

    That Faust said that Scootaloo is flightless is irrelevent, because Scootaloo has since been shown flying in both “One Bad Apple” and “Sleepless in Ponyville.” Scootaloo, as of Season 3, can fly. Not very well, maybe, but she's learning.

    For similar reasons, McCarthy telling us about future episodes is irrelevent, because McCarthy does not have absolute final say over what episodes will air. Even if she did, the McCarthy who tweets today does not have control over the McCarthy who gives the final go-ahead tomorrow; she could change her mind in between.

    The very notion of Slender Man(e) *having* an equal-opposite tells me all I need to know to avoid that event. =P

  3. I like the idea of Applebloom's being forgetableness, though I'd only extend it as far as “forget she's in the room” rather than “forget she ever existed”. For Scootaloo the obvious choice seems to be something that'd make going anywhere fast hazardous-unto-impossible, just like with Rainbow Dash's wings; being afflicted with Strabismus and losing all her depth perception would probably do it (especially as she'd be unused to it). Sweetie Bell's a little harder; I get the feeling she's more along for the ride and enjoying the journey than the other two crusaders, and wouldn't care about not having her mark except as an excuse to hang out with them, so I'd go for something that'd drive a wedge between her and her friends. Such as, say, miming the symptoms Applebloom showed when she ate the truth flower.

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