Pony Thought of the Day: Farewell, Mr. Ebert

The single greatest thing about Roger Ebert, in my opinion, is that he was one of the very few professional critics, and to my knowledge the first big-name critic, to take children’s media and animation seriously. He understood that they are art, just as much as any Serious Drama is art, and that they are a significant cultural artifact that should be respected, studied, and understood.

In recent years I found myself disagreeing with him a lot, sometimes strenuously. However, I never lost my respect for him. He will be missed.

Welcome to Ponyville, Mr. Ebert.

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  1. He truly was one of those critics whose reviews you could enjoy reading even when you disagreed. Heck, who you could look forward to reading even when you knew ahead of time you were probably going to disagree.

    (insert thinly-veiled comparison to this very blog here…)

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