Pony Thought of the Day: Fanon and the Twilicorn Sparkopalypse

A few days ago, I mentioned a tendency of fandoms to forget that fanon is something they arbitrarily made up, not ironclad fact. I think this tendency is a big part of why some people are butthurt by the whole Twilicorn thing. They have convinced themselves that alicorns are living gods, or that Equestrian princesses have well-defined powers and duties that will isolate Twilight from her friends, or that becoming a princess/alicorn was the end-goal of Twilight’s development–all ideas common in fanon, but with no basis in the show–and concluded that her acquisition of wings is an irrevocable and extreme change to the character and to the show.

To this I say: meh. As near as I can tell, the only changes are that Twilight can now fly (which she could have done at any time since at least “Sonic Rainboom”) and she’ll maybe be occasionally called in to assist the Princesses in an advisory capacity (at least that’s how I’m interpreting “We’re all your students now.”) It’s really far less extreme of a change than the one “Winter Wrap-Up” triggers; the difference between pre-“Winter Wrap-Up” Twilight and “Call of the Cutie” Twilight is bigger than the difference between “Crystal Empire” Twilight and post-“Magical Mystery Cure” Twilight.

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  1. Meghan McCarthy had an joke tweet about Rainbow Dash rage-quitting the Daring Do fandom because Daring had become an earth pony.

    A more accurate analogy would be Daring Do being named an associate professor at Manehattan U. and Dash deciding that Prof. Do is now an egghead and not cool anymore.

  2. I saw that tweet! I thought it was the funniest pony-related April Fools thing this year. The correct response of showrunners to butthurt fans should ALWAYS be mockery; the alternative is mid-80s Doctor Who, and nobody wants that.

    I think the most appropriate analogy would be that Daring Do becomes an Earth pony, and Dash therefore concludes that Daring Do is going to be an associate professor at Manehatten U now and therefore an egghead and therefore not cool

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