Pony Thought of the Day: Fanon Versions of Characters

There’s a lot of fanon versions of the characters on the show, to the point that sometimes I think we tend to forget that they aren’t actually canonical. Celestia and Luna being god-tier in their magical abilities, for example, has no real basis in the show. Neither does Ditzy Doo being physically or mentally disabled, or Scootaloo being an orphan. That’s all stuff we made up.

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  1. Well, Celestia and Luna do move the sun and moon across the sky (or maybe they spin the planet?), which was previously something that only the combined might of all (or at least most) of the Unicorns in the world were able to do.

    Derpy actually comes off better in most fanfics than in the show. Her generally-accepted fanon character is a diligent mailmare and single mom whose only recurring flaw is her canonical clumsiness (and occasionally malapropisms). I suppose it helps that she's become almost unanimously recognized as Doctor Whooves's companion.

    As for Scootaloo, well, if we didn't meet her family in “Sleepless in Ponyville,” I can't help but think that there's something to the fanon there.

  2. As far as Celestia and Luna are concerned, based on their cutie marks I'd suggest it's a super-special talent thing. They're *really good* at moving celestial objects with magic, but there's nothing to suggest that the rest of their abilities are due to anything other than centuries of practice.

    As for the portrayal of Ditzy Doo, I think it's something of a chicken-and-egg; her depiction on the show is largely driven by her depiction in fanon. And I've seen more than a few fan comics and such which depict her as having issues beyond clumsiness, though admittedly most of those predate the Doctor Whooves thing. I will say that I *adore* her Lunaverse depiction.

    It's certainly possible that Scootaloo has no parents, but she's a child; it begs the question of who's taking care of her. More likely, IMO, is that she's a latchkey kid.

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