Pony Thought of the Day: Hasbro’s Winter Upfront

Hasbro has released their winter upfront, which promotes upcoming shows to try to drum up advertiser interest. Interestingly, there’s no mention of a movie or Equestria Girls in it, which suggests a few possibilities:

  • The movie is going to be a theatrical release. (Yeah, right)
  • The movie and/or Equestria Girls were never going to happen.
  • The movie and/or Equestria Girls were going to happen, but have been canceled for whatever reason.
  • The movie and/or Equestria Girls are still going to happen, but later than expected.

Either way, good news for those of us who weren’t enthused about Equestria Girls: It’s either not happening or going to be worked on more before it happens.

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  1. My theory is, it's because the movie and EG were originally greenlit back when they still thought FiM was going to end at the 65-episode mark, and they wanted to push out the spinoffs while the brand was still on people's minds.

    Now that FiM is getting a fourth season, they no longer have to scramble to make people remember it exists, so they're pushing the spinoffs back until they need another sales boost down the road.

  2. That seems pretty plausible, except didn't the investor report already say that they were making a fourth season before Equestria Girls was announced?

  3. The investor report contained some hints, but at the time it could have meant a number of different things. The first concrete confirmation we had of Season 4's existence was really accidental: Daniel Ingram updated his online resumĂ© and listed “(91 episodes)” next to the MLP title.

    Which says something about how accurate the official announcement timelines are.

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