Pony Thought of the Day: Pirate Ponies!

I saw a pic of Applejack as a pirate recently, and while it was a pretty cool pick, I just can’t see her doing it. She strikes me as the least nautical of the Mane Six; she probably gets seasick, and she’d certainly never plunder or pillage anything.

My pick for best pirate of the Mane Six, and the one who’d take to the lifestyle easiest, is Rainbow Dash, hands down.

What do you think?

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  1. I saw the word “pirate” and immediately thought of Pinkie Pie. With parrot, wooden leg and *two* eye patches …

  2. I dunno. Glamorous international jewel thief, maybe, but pirates are all filthy and sweaty and have you SEEN the rags they wear, darling? They're literal rags!

  3. I fail to see how making her crew wash behind their ears makes her an inferior pirate. Of course, she would probably spend all her time stealing treasure from the other pirates.

    “Treasure, Spike! North by northwest, about three days sail!”

  4. If we go with that “sky pirates” theme that always shows up in fantasy, Rainbow Dash would be especially perfect.

    However, I read a great fic that had Pinkie Pie as the leader of a band of sky pirates. At one point she addressed a letter to Princess Luna that contained the phrase, “and also, I promise never to kidnap you again.”

  5. I picture Fluttershy as the first mate, joining RD on the raiding party and saying, “Um, avast, if that's okay with you…”

    (still, depending on if you're going for funny or awesome, Pinkie Pie could deliver “Avast!” pretty well too)

  6. Sir, you are very clearly not familiar ith gentelmen pirates such as Belemy the Gentleman. Not only was his crew well washed and finely dressed, he didn't harm civilians or those who wouldn't fight back, refused to scuttle or otherwise strand ships so they could return home safely, and made sure to leave them enough of their provisions to do so comfortably.

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