Pony Thought of the Day: Negativity and Butthurt

The following is a list of negative comments I’ve made on this blog, according to the degree of butthurt I’ve gotten in response. Please note that this does not mean EVERY response I’ve gotten has been butthurt, just a measure of how butthurt the butthurt people were. Some of the responses were in comments on this blog, but most were in message board or reddit threads linking to this blog, or made to me in person at conventions.

Saying that Zecora is a racist caricature: Minor butthurt.
Repeatedly pointing out Amy Keating Rogers’ serious flaws as a writer: Minor butthurt.
Mentioning the Geek Social Fallacies at all: Some butthurt.
Jokingly claiming that being mean to Fluttershy is an irredeemable sin: Surprisingly, some butthurt.
Calling for a Hasbro boycott: 50/50 mix of butthurt and reasoned disagreement.
Saying I’m worried Equestria Girls will not be very good: Serious butthurt.
Calling Spike a jerk: SO MUCH BUTTHURT

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  1. Huh. I was intially not sure about the Zecora thing, but it made sense once I read all the way through the article.
    I guess I haven't really paid much attention to who is writing what.
    If anything, the GSFs have helped me out considerably, so thanks for mentioning them at all!
    It depends on what Hasbro does.
    Pfft, what? I'm with you all the way, there!
    And while I didn't notice it before, you're entirely correct, especially in regards to the “Nice Guy” deal.

  2. Thanks for the comments!

    At the time I called for the boycott, Hasbro was behaving extremely badly, but then they reversed course on enough of it that it proved unnecessary.

    Thanks for the kind comments about Zecora and Spike. Pointing things out to people they didn't notice before is half the reason I started this blog.

  3. Reading back through the archive. Just found the blog and it's an interesting perspective on the show.

    Surprised you found so much butthurt at calling Spike a jerk. He's always seemed a bit creepy to me (except when he acts as assistant), and you nailed why. Still, I generally cut him some slack on account of what Twilight repeatedly points out; he's a baby dragon. He isn't supposed to be emotionally developed.

    I picture him as an annoying young brother. Still, the points about the Nice Guy Syndrome are worth making and valid. His immaturity may be understandable, but that doesn't justify it.

  4. Thanks, Juan, glad you're enjoying the blog!

    To be honest, the levels of butthurt over the Spike thing are by far the most surprising. My ex got it worse than me, actually; she made slides MONTHS ago for a panel we did on the show, and posted them to Tumblr, and *to this day* still occasionally gets comments from people angry that her slide for Spike refers to him as the Element of Being a Jerk.

    And yes, he is supposedly a baby dragon, but at the same time that fact is repeatedly forgotten so that he can be left alone without adult supervision, given complex tasks that require a degree of responsibility (such as pet-sitting), and generally used as Twilight's assistant. I think really he's more of a “juvenile” than “baby” dragon, and that's by dragon standards–he's been alive since Twilight was around Apple Bloom's age, and I read the Mane Six as being 2-3 times as old as the CMC, so he's more like a young adolescent–he gets crushes, wants to be taken seriously as a “grown up,” has suddenly acquired a code of honor he's deeply serious about, and so on. He's about 12 or so in human terms, I think, which is more than old enough to need a stern talking to regarding his attitudes toward women and general selfishness.

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