Pony Thought of the Day: Rarity’s Lightning Bolt

So, according to “Cutie Mark Chronicles” and pretty much everything else we’ve seen, Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark symbolizes her love of racing. So how come, in “Magical Mystery Tour,” Rarity became weather manager instead of a racer? I mean, it’s not like Fluttershy became a baker.

Admittedly, then we wouldn’t get the great “weather pattern” and “too last season?” puns, but on the other hand, Rarity, who hates to sweat or get dirty, as a racer? That’d be pretty awesome.

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  1. Twilight did say it was their “true selves” and their destinies that had been altered, not just their cutie marks. So it wasn't just their special talents that got switched, but also their roles in everyday life around Ponyville.

    Rainbow Dash actually enters relatively few organized athletic competitions, preferring to just show off in informal exercises, and keep watch for any chance to catch the eye of the Wonderbolts. She primarily uses her incredible speed and strength in leading the weather team.

    Pinkie Pie, meanwhile, isn't really a baker. The Cakes have been shown to be reticent about giving her any more responsibility than running the counter every so often. She's only actually been shown baking twice, and both times were disasters (though both times it was due to her temporary assistants, but still). Throwing parties is her real job.

  2. That's true about Rainbow Dash and organized competitions, but I still think Being Fast comes across as being much much more important to her and her sense of who she is than her job. Not being able to fly in Read It and Weep upset her MUCH more than I imagine having to change jobs would.

    It's like Pinkie Pie–baking is her job, but throwing parties is her calling, so throwing parties is what Fluttershy gets. RD's job is weather management, but her calling is speed, so Rarity should have gotten something to do with speed.

  3. My explanation is that the spell's metaphorical hands are tied: it's not allowed to affect any ponies other than Twilight's five friends, and promoting some other pony to weather manager, or leaving Ponyville without a weather manager, are outside that scope. And out of the available candidates, the spell picked Rarity as the 'best fit', or some reason. (Although, Fluttershy using the weather to make ponies happy would have worked better, although maybe too well from a narrative standpoint.)

    The real reason is probably that the writers had to bend things a bit to fit into the 'destiny' theme.

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