Pony Thoguht of the Day: Everypony Was Kung Fu Fighting

You know, it’s kind of weird that Applebloom and Rainbow Dash practice karate, since that particular martial art is based mostly around punches and strikes. Like, with your hands. Wouldn’t a kick-based art like tae kwan do make more sense?

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  1. The funny part is that when you think about it, the things you'd expect to be the disadvantage of a kicking-heavy style for humans (namely, that with one foot off the ground you're a lot less stable and probably have to commit to your attacks a bit more thanks to momentum) would, for ponies, be the ones present in a style that imitated human punches, since it by definition requires them to stand on their hind legs. A proper kicking based style would give them much better stability since feet would only leave the ground during briefly an attack. Of course, any style that didn't imitate a human stance would be less recognizable as “kung-fu” and hinder the joke (and be less cute).

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