Pony Thought of the Day: Cloudsdale Congress!

I will be at Cloudsdale Congress in Alexandria, VA March 9-10.

I will be on four panels:

My Little Panel: A general analysis panel on MLP:FIM, including series-spanning themes, character archetypes, and a debate (topic to be determined, but probably Twilicorn Sparkopalypse-related).

Brony vs. Brony: MLP trivia gameshow. Six contestants, and any questions they can’t answer go to the audience. Prizes and candy! I will be serving as laptop monkey/Vanna White-equivalent… you know, if Vanna White were a short, fat guy with a beard.

A Petite Panel about Ponies and Postmodernism: Basically this blog in panel form, but on a broad, series-wide level instead of going deep into individual episosdes.

A Brief History of Saturday Morning: A serious, historical study of the development of North American short-form animation, from the last days of theatrical shorts in the 1960s to the merchandise-driven wasteland of the 80s, through the golden age of the 90s, and culminating in the emergence of MLP:FIM. Totally not at all an excuse to spend an hour showing clips of our favorite cartoons, why would you think that?

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