Pony Thought of the Day: An Even Nerdier Comparison

I first made this comparison a couple of years ago, between first and second season. I’m a little less sure it holds up now, but it was never really meant to be serious anyway. Here is the nerdiest analogy or mapping I’ve ever done:

The Mane Six map onto the major races from Babylon 5.

  • Twilight Sparkle is magical, mystical, knowlegeable, scary powerful, and prone to creating utter disasters when she’s stressed out. She’s the Minbari.
  • Rainbow Dash is brash, loud, and outspoken, with fierce loyalty but quick to take offense. She has a tendency to get in over her head, and grows and learns the most over the course of the show. She’s the Narn.
  • Rarity is proud, generous to her friends, and a fashionista. She’s a major social climber, and prefers using those skills to violence–but can and will use violence if necessary. She’s the Centauri.
  • Pinkie Pie is friendly and a community-builder, bringing together ponies of all kinds with her parties. She seems like a joke, but potentially she’s the most powerful of them all. She’s the humans.
  • Fluttershy is shy, and rarely participates with others, but when she does get involved, watch out, because she WILL kick your ass. She’s the Vorlons.
  • Applejack is honest, pragmatic, determined, and ruthlessly competitive. She believes firmly that the best deserve to win, fairly but decisively, and she’s as close as Equestria comes to a capitalist, which is in turn as close as modern thought gets to Social Darwinism. She’s the Shadows.

That leaves Celestia and Luna as the First Ones, and the background ponies and CMC as the League. Works out, I think.

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