Flame Wars!

Somebody commented the other day asking if I watch Madoka subbed or dubbed, so I figured I might as well just jump into several flame wars simultaneously:

  • Star Trek, because it isn’t single-handedly responsible for convincing Hollywood and a distressing number of watchers that there is only one way to tell a story.
  • Deep Space Nine, because it makes humans something other than the Mary Sue people from the Mary Sue planet, and adds in some moral complexity. (Except the last episode going all black-and-white good-vs-evil, what the hell guys?)
  • Subs, because most American voice actors doing anime aren’t actually very good. Obvious exception for Disney translations of Miyazaki films and a few other standouts.
  • They have wings if and when they want to, because like all Maiar except Sauron, Morgoth, and the wizards, they’re shapeshifters.
  • As there is no empirical experience within this universe that can distinguish between divine entities existing or not existing, the two alternatives are logically equivalent, and the question becomes purely normative.
  • It should be legal, period, no restrictions whatsoever.