Updates on Projects, and the End of an Era

Phil Sandifer’s TARDIS Eruditorum ended this week with a massive 100,000-word post ostensibly about “Silence in the Library”/”Forest of the Dead,” but really about the entire history of Doctor Who. It is, fittingly, possibly the most gonzo post he’s ever made, entirely because it is in effect the complete text of an entirely non-gonzo introductory guidebook to Doctor Who, everything TARDIS Eruditorum is not.

But this is not just an event because it’s enormous, but because of who Phil is and what his work represents. Phil invented a new way of writing about media, the psychochronography, and a growing number of bloggers are picking up on it. Eventually, I have no doubt, it will work its way back into academia.

I owe him and his work a tremendous debt. His work on Doctor Who directly inspired me to do My Little Po-Mo, which in turn spawned The Very Soil and now The Near-Apocalypse of ’09. He’s become a source of guidance and advice, and a friend, and none of this would exist without him. So if you haven’t read it before, please, visit his site. He’s got a running project on British comics, currently covering the genesis of Watchmen, and he just started a new thing on Game of Thrones which astoundingly cheeky in its approach and, I suspect, going to be very fun, and a series on Iain Banks’ books. I think there’s a fairly high probability that anybody still sticking around here is going to be into one of those things.

Anyway, some project statuses:

  • I sent my editor the latest round of The Very Soil edits late last week. She’s promised to have it by the end of next week, which is shaving things close for the end of the month but still possible. (Not her fault, I was a bit slow wrapping it up because I was awash in launching this site and getting the Kickstarter set up.)
  • Speaking of Kickstarter, the My Little Po-Mo Volume 3Ā Kickstarter is at $491, just barely shy of the 50% mark! Thank you everyone for the support!
  • In case you didn’t see the announcement on the Patreon, my new vlog series has been selected: Steven Universe! I’ve already posted the vlog of the first three episodes for $5+ subscribers, and it’ll meander its way to this site in a few weeks, after Korra and my AB panel on apocalypses.
  • Fiction Fridays are going to be mostly short standalone pieces for a while, I think.
  • Traffic to this site is really low. It was already pretty low in the last days of the old site, and whenever you switch you always lose some people. But still, on its best days it’s getting half the traffic I used to get on an average day in, say, February 2014. Which I wouldn’t normally care about, except that I’ve come to realize that the only way I’m ever going to be able to have enough time to do what I really want to do with this site and related projects is if I can make them my job, or at least one of multiple part-time jobs. That means getting readers. Please, if you have any kind of platform–a Tumblr, a message board you frequent, a Twitter–and you like an article, share and comment! I’m not asking for pity links, just that if you like something I wrote, let me and the world know?

One thought on “Updates on Projects, and the End of an Era

  1. I haven’t been on as much lately since we’re deep into rehearsals (the play is opening tonight). Hence why I flooped out last Saturday; we started at 8 AM, and I had mistakenly thought that six and a half hours would be enough time to finish dress rehearsal of a two-hour play (I should know better by now).

    Fortunately, on the actual performance dates, I don’t have to be at the theatre until 4 PM my time, so we can do the liveblog at the regular time tomorrow.


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