Welcome to the new JedABlue.com!

With the end of My Little Po-Mo comes the end of mlpomo.blogspot.com. This is the new site; feel free to poke around! Let me know if you find anything broken or behaving oddly, either by commenting on this post or (even better) the offending post.

Normal blog service should continue uninterrupted.

15 thoughts on “Welcome to the new JedABlue.com!

  1. There is and has been the option to log into a service to serve as an identity for posting. In the past I used google for this, but that option has gone missing.


  2. On MLPomo. I don’t know about other WordPress sites.

    Another thing MLPomo had that this site doesn’t: comment threading. I don’t miss that as much as being able to use my google login, but it had some value.


  3. Yeah, I looked and unfortunately AFAICT there is no way to enable Google ID on the WordPress comment system, and the comment system is the main reason I prefer WordPress. It does allow OpenID I believe? Anyway the loss of Google ID is a loss, but on the other hand logged-in users can edit their own comments, I can edit any comments, I can ban anonymous comments while still allowing pseudonymous comments without requiring a formal login, I can disemvowel or rot13 comments–from the perspective of a moderator, it’s vastly superior.

    As for threading, I turned that off deliberately. I’ve always preferred the more freewheeling interaction produced by unthreaded comments.


  4. Thanks! I’m liking them. Also, WordPress’ mobile app is better than Blogger’s in EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY. I am very happy with this move.


  5. Saw you double-commented there, so I went ahead and deleted it. The first time was held for moderation because I have it set so that each person’s first post is always held. As long as you continue using the same login or email, you should not get held again unless you go wild with links.


  6. Something I just noticed – comments with html escape codes were incorrectly imported, and there’s no preview button. I need preview to verify that I’ve correctly escaped mathematical operators misappropriated for use as brackets, in the event that we need to copy liveblogs into the comments.


  7. Near as I can tell, this was a problem with the import–they seem to work fine if entered directly into the WordPress edit or comment blocks.

    ETA: No, I stand corrected, they don’t work in comments.


  8. I have researched it further and determined the following options:

    1. Live with comments as they are, meaning Sylo needs to /op everyone before we start the chat each week.
    2. Switch to “markdown,” meaning comments no longer accept HTML code, but that means square brackets could have issues, which doesn’t help.
    3. Get hosting from someone other than WordPress, install WordPress software onto said hosting, install plugins that allow comment previews. This requires actual low-level competence at computer-y stuff, and is therefore impossible.
    4. Hire someone to do (3) for me. Prohibitively expensive and means giving power over my blog to someone else, which I am loath to do.
    5. Request WordPress.com make comment previews one of the default plugins pre-installed on blogs using their hosting, which judging by my search of the forums people have been asking for since 2006 and still not gotten.
    6. Pay $5,000 A MONTH for a “VIP” WordPress.com blog, which is allowed some optional plugins including comment previews.

    So, yeah, I’m afraid we’re not going to be getting previews.


  9. Oh, one additional possibility, which the more I think about it, the more it seems like the best one: Since angle brackets work in the actual body of the post, just not comments, you can e-mail the chatlog to me and I’ll copypasta it up.


  10. I was just going to use search and replace to turn them into ( and ). I was already search and replacing to turn them into escape codes.

    But I presume comments are length capped as they were at blogspot? E-mailing will avoid that issue.


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