Pony Thought of the Day: Equestria Girls Liveblog!

Putting this up early so I can link to it/procrastinate on transcribing BronyCon interviews.

This is where we’ll be liveblogging Equestria Girls! The way it works is, we’ll all queue up copies of the movie in whatever format (I actually bought the DVD for this, because I am a good little pony), and at 3p.m. EST we all start watching simultaneously and commenting with anything we feel like saying in response to the movie.

Well… almost anything. Just a couple of rules:

1) If you’re new here, there is a comment policy. It’s a lot of words that basically boil down to “Play Nice.”

2) No spoilers of any kind. That includes content spoilers (“Example Pony dies!”), negative spoilers (“When Example Pony showed up, I thought she was going to hook up with Sample Pony, and I’m still bummed she didn’t”) and even anticipation spoilers (“I still can’t believe what happened to Example Pony!”) Anything which implies anything about something that happens later in the movie is a spoiler, so please don’t post them. If you absolutely MUST say something spoilery, apply the ROT13 filter first.

That’s it! See you all at 3!

0 thoughts on “Pony Thought of the Day: Equestria Girls Liveblog!

  1. Notice how much we're supposed to know going in — the names of the characters, the Crystal Empire storyline, etc. This is clearly aimed at fans.

  2. Speaking of body, it REALLY bothers me that they all have the same body type. Twilight should be shorter than the others, Fluttershy taller, Applejack a little bulkier, and Pinkie should be fat!

  3. Oh, Snips and Snails. Is there any Mean Girl you won't tag along after?

    …Why are there much younger kids at this school? Is it like grade 6-12 or something?

  4. Wait, did they establish at some point that Shimmer's been going back and forth between worlds for a while?

    Did she kill human!Twilight? Is that where this is going? Because dang.

  5. I can't believe this is already as long as a two-part episode. Doesn't feel like it at all. Bravo on the pacing, folks.

    The Wonderbolts are the school team. Shoulda seen that coming. Nice.

    Rarity you are the best.

  6. All of us are the same! But different! Be yourself, and sing and dance in unison!

    No but seriously this song is okay. Not great, but best so far in the movie.

  7. One body design that is used for all the characters, including Celestia and Luna. Only difference is when you add more joints, you cost more. *Bites tongue*